Conscious Bite Out was founded by Veronica and Marcela, whose mutual love for nutritious food  and inspiring others towards living a healthier life, equally inspired them to take action towards increasing awareness in their own community.

Created with the idea of bringing together a group of people who want to share in a fun and healthy dining-out experience that is utterly indulging and does not sacrifice taste, Conscious Bite Out awakens your palate so that you can rediscover food.

Our team visits various culinary venues in Miami, explores their menus and breaks down what is real food versus what should stay away from your plate. Together with the Chef, we create a delicious menu that is aligned with our philosophies of using nutritious, healthy, fresh, local and organic ingredients. Whether it’s going to a local farm and hand picking seasonal ingredients or inspiring the Chef to work with more wholesome and natural ingredients, like creating a delicious risotto with brown rice instead of white rice or using natural sweeteners like Yacon Syrup instead of white sugar in their desserts, you can be assured that the final menu will be the perfect marriage of the Chef’s natural culinary talents with the healthiest and freshest ingredients in town. Taking part in a Conscious Bite Out, you will become more intuitive and knowledgeable in making wise menu choices that are both nutritious and wholly satisfying.

Veronica is owner of Peace A’ Cake, where she infuses her love for food into baking vegan natural cakes and muffins. She also teaches at the Wholefoods Lifestyle Center and recently graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where Marcela graduated from in 2009. Marcela is a Holistic Health Counselor, guiding her clients how to find their balance in life and inspiring them to lead healthier lifestyles. She often conducts nutrition workshops and seminars where she teaches people how to cook nutritious foods that are simple to prepare and how to incorporate better eating habits into their lives.