Conscious Bite Out was built on the philosophy that awakening your palate leads to rediscovering food, thereby empowering you to make wiser food choices that will better your health. Our intention is to create more consciousness in the dining out experience and inspire restaurants to offer healthier options in their menus.

Because we are aware of how strongly our food choices impact our health and the health of our environment, we strive to use only local and organic ingredients whenever possible. We acknowledge that everyone is unique and has specific dietary needs and preferences so we do our best to accommodate everyone. The majority of our dinners are vegetarian with the occasional exception of freshly caught local fish or seafood as an ingredient. On those occasions, vegetarian options will always be available as a substitution. We will also offer options to those who are lactose or gluten intolerant.

Conscious Bite Out was born with the intention of building community, raising the level of consciousness in our society and positively affecting our environment. A percentage of our profits is donated to Edible Garden School Projects across the Miami area who introduce students to the magic of  plant-to-food awareness, an understanding of sustainable environmental processes and improved nutritional practices.